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There are two kinds of values

Posted: Wed Jan 23, 2019 4:56 am
by ylq
There are two kinds of values ??of life, one is worthless, and the other is to make life reflect infinite value. Some people have ruined their lives in vain because of difficulties and frustrations. People themselves are worthless. Some people's lives are crippled, their life path is very rough and very difficult, but they never shrink back to their fate, and finally they realize their own life value and are respected by the people of the world.s said that Helen Keller, when she was one and a half years old, was seriously ill because she lost her sight, hearing and language skills. But Helen Keller��s disease did not retreat to the cruel fate. With the help of the teacher and her hard work, she learned to write and speak, mastered the five languages ??of English, French Marlboro Cigarettes Supply Store, German, Latin, and Greek, and wrote, "The Story of My Life" and "The Song of the Stone Wall". Four works, such as "Get out of the Dark World" and "Optimism", have produced worldwide influences, which made her a famous writer, let her realize the value of her life and get the people of the world. Respect.htingale is the upper class in the UK, but she chose the job that was considered to be the lowest at the time��the nurse. When she told her family about her idea of ??being a nurse, she was strongly opposed by her family and prevented her from going out, limiting her freedom. However, Nightingale did not give up, and finally blocked the family. When she had the opportunity to lead the nurses to the battlefield hospital, I didn't expect it to be the case; everywhere, bacteria, mice, and the screams of the wounded soldiers. When Nightingale saw that all this was not given up, but with his own practical actions, he used his pure heart to influence, and the soldiers drove the hospital's bacteria and mice. Nightingale didn't have the support of her family at the time, and none of her could help herself, but she used her firm will to overcome all kinds of difficulties, realized her own life value, and was respected by peoplelen Keller and Nightingale have amazing willpower, and you will be able to realize your own life value. I am Long Yuxia. I often remember your face. It is you, let me be a brigade propaganda committee member. I am very grateful, but I hope that you can make some improvements to the school. I don't know what to improve. However, since you are the principal. Improvements must be made. A few years ago, I received a call from my classmates: "Yu Yu, the propaganda committee should promote cultural knowledge (this week is culture), let alone the brigade propaganda committee?" Xie Principal, I really want to tell you: Please let Next, when the brigade committee members do the corresponding work that should be done. In addition, I would like to recall your beautiful looks: your black eyes are shining brightly. Your shawl hair is still like a brown ocean. Your big mouth seems to be able to hold a toy boat. You were always so beautiful at the time! Although I graduated, I have completed the college entrance examination and I have read Fudan University. If you remember before, how good it is! I really want to go back to elementary, middle and high school. Also, President Xie, do you remember? In the past, you always praised me and Liu Zixi as a member of the brigade. Today, we have graduated. Liu Zixi was admitted to the Maritime University. Later, she wants to be a sailor. Set up a boat for more people to "seek dreams." Today, Liu Zixi and I sent a letter on the composition website. We know that this letter will never be delivered to you. However, we firmly believe that you will definitely say this: Today is the college entrance examination period. I don't know if the students I taught a year ago have succeeded in the college entrance examination? Have the successful college entrance examinations been admitted to a good university? Principal Newport Cigarettes Coupons Online Free, I really miss you. After all, it is a three-year-old person. After a year, how can you not know each other? I think Newport Soft Pack Carton. Fudan Fuzhong, the class you teach. They definitely have a lot of effort. Maybe there are countless students who have finished the college entrance examination and then send a letter to the teacher they taught a year ago that they will never reach.