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On that day, after

Posted: Sat Mar 09, 2019 2:16 am
by ylq
On that day, after visiting the Yangtaishan Theme Park, walk up the steep road along the mountain, and you can see the entrance to the familiar foothills of the Xiaoyangtaishan Mountain Newport Cigarettes Carton. The Laiwu Village Reservoir, surrounded by the Castle Peak, along the wide concrete road on the dam of the Laiwu Village Reservoir, can be used to go to the newly renovated green road in Mount Yangtai. There is a bicycle. It should be able to ride along this green road. On the top of the mountain in Yangtai Mountain, or on a bicycle, you should be able to board the green road at the top of the Taiyangtai Mountain Cheap Cigarettes Online Free Shipping, and then follow the greenway to Shiyan, but you should not drive your car and share a bicycle on the green so-called greenway. The urban forest has opened a flat "highway" from the mountainside of the forest with green material on the road from the foot of the mountain to the top of the road; green, color, representing the green leaves, more representative of the green forest, the road, Roads, together, green, healthy urban forests, green roads, hot-selling pedestrians, bicycles, mountain climbers, all motor vehicles, from the steep After going up the hillside, I wanted to climb the entrance from the foot of the mountain and board the Xiaoyangtai Mountain again. I thought about the painful experience of the last mountaineering. I climbed to the top of the mountain and spent nearly two hours. It took more than an hour to go down the mountain. After accumulating for four to five hours, when I finally gave up, I found that there were more cement roads leading to the reservoir than those who came from the previous times. I couldn��t help but wonder what the reservoir is attracting so many tourists. Going there, with the doubts in my heart, I turned around and followed the crowds who were attracted to the direction of the reservoir. While playing, watching the scenery, I took pictures Carton Of Newport Cigarettes. Walking in the middle of the reservoir cement road, you can look up the theme park, the center of the cultural square, and the high-rise building of the city by the expressway. You can also enjoy the close-up view of the Qingshan Mountain overlooking the reservoir. On both sides of the dam, for the safety of tourists, the surrounding area is surrounded by green wire mesh to prevent visitors from swimming, fishing and taking pictures. After enjoying the perfect scene through the green wire fence, I took the photo and quickly finished the old cement road. Then, through the narrow road of the house where the reservoir was managed by a reservoir, I came to hide behind the reservoir. The new greenway attracts visitors and looks at the newly-decorated greenway. It is even more surprising to ask when the green road is being repaired. At this time, no one answered this question, what are you waiting for, and continue to swim with the crowd ahead. On the greenway, in the crowd, while walking and watching and playing, I also thought that the first time I walked on the green road in the urban forest, I felt very fresh. I felt that this tour was not white, and I felt very sorry to come out when I went out. In the evening, I especially cherish this parade and go out, not to let go of the beauty that I saw. Therefore, when I started to walk, I walked very slowly. Most of the time I took it all the way slowly and took photos slowly. Going all the way to find out that this is a green road that has been repaired or unfinished. During the walking process, I saw the